Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contest Giveaway by Nurul Khairunie

A friend of mine, who I haven't met for quite some time, is giving away free photoshoot in her own self-run contest.

Run down of the contest is pretty much simple. Send her 3 self-portrait photos of you, which then will be uploaded on her Facebook page and get your friends (and the occasional strangers) to vote for it by clicking 'Like' on the photo. The 'Like' represents the vote and the more 'Likes' you get mean the bigger chance of you winning the contest.

For more details on the contest, just go to Contest Giveaway by Nurul Khairunie.

Oh yes, Nurul Khairunie is her name. This Ranau lass also runs a photoblog, CoupleClick Photography with her beau and surely is avalaible for any photo job enquiries.

Here are some clues of what this girl is capable of, given the right camera for her.

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  1. Thanks...this blog point me to Nurul Khairunie's work.

    Your photos & simple story is also interesting. Keep blogging.



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