Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bless This Babagon

Babagon is another Kadazan kampung along the Donggongon – Tambunan road, famous for its sweet pineapples and Babagon Dam.
The Babagon River that runs through it falls under the Tagal system. A system that prohibit fishing except on certain period in order to sustain the aquatic life in the river.

A smaller dam serves as a bridge for vehicle to cross the river. Sometime kampung folks take the opportunity to stop by to wash their vehicle.

Or go for a romantic dip in the river.

I came across this Ina (Kadazan for grandmother) on her way back home with a basket full of Babagon’s finest pineapples.

Snap a shot of her and then offer to send her home.

Ina thinks my car air-conditioner comforting but the leather seat a bit too hard.

I think Ina rocks.


  1. Thanks. She was a bit reluctant at first when I want to snap her photo, so I thought I should repay her cooperation by giving her a ride home.

  2. That Ina definitely rocks! carrying a basket full of pineapples at her age, try beat that!

  3. Sumandak RumandawiJune 4, 2009 at 8:05 AM

    nice. i live in babagon, didnt expect someone gonna write bout my kampung here!

    did u try the nenas? ours is the best in whole sabah tau!

  4. POV - Yeah she is. Didn't asked bout her age but I think she is 70 something and yet doing things that even myself won't be able to.

    Sumandak Rumandawi - No I didn't, maybe on my next trip there you can take me for some juicy Babagon nenas?

  5. X sangka dekat2 dongs ada tmpt begini. smpi hati kawan sy x bawa. ada nenas yg the best in sabah lg... =(

  6. YeastIsDead - Next time, you should go



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