Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's A Moyog Monday

Somewhere in April on my way to Keningau I came across something that reminds me of O Cristo Redentor.

So on 1st June, being a public holiday in Sabah, I took the opportunity to drive up to Moyog.

Here is the Malaysian version of O Cristo Redentor. Not as daunting as the one in Brazil, but still you can’t escape to notice it on the drive uphill once you reach Moyog.
Moyog on the other hand is a small kampung somewhere along Donggongon – Tambunan road. A river of the same name runs through the village.

It is prohibited to catch fish from the river. Punishment among others include a sogit in the form of a pig weighing at least 50kg.

Landslide occurred at one part of the road near Moyog. Such is a normal occurrence in Sabah and it may take months to get fixed.


  1. babi siapa lar yang terlepas tu hehe

  2. No idea. You think that one would taste good for curry?



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