Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Picturesque Pogunon

Minutes from Donggongon town is a small kampung known as Pogunon.

Buffaloes are common at most kampung in Sabah. When it comes to wedding ceremony, most likely you will have buffalo meat serve on the menu.

Pogunon once made the news after the unearthing of ancient burial jars in the area. I didn’t manage to find the site except for these two graves.

Even death won’t do us part.

On the way back I passed by a church with a captivating phrase on its wall.

A church notice board in Malay might be unthinkable in Semenanjung, but not on this side of Malaysia.

Makes you ponder about the argument of banning Bible in Malay, since not all kampung folks in Pogunon are well verse in English.


  1. this is getting better. kudos for such a great blog. keep it rockin' bro!

  2. superactive & creative.
    worths the money!
    err..selagi tak ambil gambar pengantin melompat, gua akan follow lu.

  3. Looove the church sign. Could be an item in Nat Geo.

  4. Harap kau cepat belajar tunggang kerbau. Berada di kawasan yang banyak kerbau mengkehendaki seseorang itu mahir menunggang kerbau untuk kelihatan lebih macho dan mempu memikat sumandak.

    It's a sign of an alpha male!

  5. POV - Thanks!

    Jorji - I won't, except for my own wedding if there's any, LOL!

    Easeart - Does that mean my skill is up to your par now?

    Ejoi - Even without riding the buffalo girls out there know I am an alpha male ;)

  6. Lucius, it's a huge photographable world out there. What I'm saying is you gots the eye, man. You gots the eye. Keep on shooting and you'll find that even the most mundane of images will strike a chord in your audience, me for instance.

  7. Easeart - Thanks sifu. I must say Pixel Dump has been my source of inspiration lately.

  8. Alamak.... you go to wrong direction la bro... thats way ko tida jumpa tu ancient burial jars. after masuk simpang pogunon you go straight saja ba next time. don't turn left...haha by d way tq for visiting my beautiful kampung..



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