Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poring Without Portmanteau

Weekend in Sabah translates to wide range of opportunities for you to recuperate after 5 days work. And it usually involves something green, natural and exploratory.

Hence last Saturday I climbed up the twisting road to Ranau and paid a brief visit to Poring at about 3pm.

Poring is famed for its hot springs. But a nice warm bath in the pool is not what I had in mind, especially not during the school holiday when the area will be crowded with families and kids.

So with my fellow acquaintances we decided to hike the jungle trail to Kipungit Waterfall and Bat Cave, roughly 760 metres from the hot springs.

Kipungit Waterfall

Bat Cave. Visitors are discouraged to enter the cave.

Mamut River

It was nice to see the greenery and breathe the fresh air, away from the harum-scarum in Kota Kinabalu.

Visitors can also choose to go as far as Langanan Waterfall, 3525 metres into the jungle which also involve climbing up the hill. Apart from that there is also a Canopy Walkway which is 157.8 metres long and 41 metres high just nearby to the hot springs.

Due to time constraint I have to skip both.

Back at the hot springs I meet up with Park Ranger, Mr Palimin Barantis who share some tips on how to really enjoy Poring Hot Springs. Stay away during the school holidays and to really enjoy your tranquil moment in the pool, it’s best to come on weekdays, he said.

I couldn’t agree more.

So why the heck did I came here during school holiday and arrived at Poring late in the evening?

Well, someone tied the knot. That’s right, no more RS CafĂ© Kampung Baru Putatan for him.

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