Saturday, June 13, 2009

God In Bundu Tuhan

Bundu Tuhan is captivating, mainly due to its godly name. Tuhan is what God is in Malay. But the name origin of Bundu Tuhan has nothing to do with God. It’s more about the fall of a Bundu tree in this place sometime ago. The name Tuhan is from the word Notuhan, which is Dusun for fall.

Nevertheless one can’t deny the Supreme Being as we drove back from Poring, reaching Bundu Tuhan at 6:05 pm only to notice the glorious view on the offering.

The cloud hit the peak of Mount Kinabalu, creating a pattern that makes it look like it is enveloping the peak.

While at the same time when u look east, strip of clouds strike across the setting sun.

Even the trees and cloud alone create such astonishing view.

The sky is like a huge canvas, where God paints on it.

And to the west, a full moon begins to appear on the darkening sky.

I simply can’t deny the existence of God in Bundu Tuhan, what with God’s finest creation, such as a group of four Kadazan girls to further testify on this.

And I fall in love.


  1. i really love the last pic

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  3. Err... bila boleh saksikan efek 'bokeh', En. Lucius?

  4. please, don't bokeh up the picture or photoshop. i'm really enjoying the non-edited photos here. please, i just really want to see the true beauty of sabah.


  5. Anon - Thanks

    Ejoi - No 'bokeh' effect here, I prefer it raw

    Ash - No worries, I won't

  6. I didn't mean PHOTOSHOP bokeh, but more on bokeh effect with your lens...


  7. hee. tiba-tiba sy pun suka gmbr paling last

  8. lucius memang pakar dlm hal mengambil gambar pelan2 ko lucius. ambil gambar sumandak yg lagi powerrrrr...

  9. Ejoi - Patience, my young padawan ;)

    benazirjb - Hope I didn't mess up your sexual orientation

    afterc - Will do mate

  10. indah sungguh pemandangan..nice blog!

  11. Faisal Zakaria - Patience :)

    47 - Thanks dude

  12. yeah .. sabah is like malaya in the 90s.

    The Malay women wearing mini skirts and wanting to look beautiful and sexy like Saloma.

    Now malay women look ugly no thanks to arabs and islam extremism.

    Long live the short mini skirt...hehe down with PAS!

  13. wah....syok blog ko ni geng.sia follow dulu ah :)



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